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Metal Stamping


I love Pinterest! I pin and I pin and I pin. I have boards full of amazing ideas and there they sit. So on Monday I decided it was time to start trying some of my pins.  I love all of the washer jewelry that people have been making so I decided to give it a try. I headed to the hardware store with one of my besties in search of washers. Who knew there were so many different finishes, sizes and widths. After about 45 minutes of going through all the little drawers we finally decided on stainless steel in 1/2" and 3/8".

When hammering the letters. You want to make sure you have a hard surface underneath, we used a steel block. This way it doesn't poke your letters out the backside of the washer. To make the letters stand out, we used black patina from Vintaj and painted it into the letters and whiped of the excess with nail polish remover.

This was a fun and super easy project. Hope you are inspired to try it yourself and feel free to ask questions.